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PABA History

On October 14th, 1981, a new business group called the Uptown Business Association (UBA) was formed. It’s main goal was to further the interests of businesses outside of the Downtown Business Association (DBA) whose membership was limited to a very small geographic area in the downtown area of Port Angeles. At that time, the DBA was of little help to the merchants outside this geographic area, so the UBA was formed out of a necessity to represent businesses outside the downtown area.

In May of 1984, the UBA changed its name to the Port Angeles Business Association (PABA). The purpose of the organization name change was to broaden the reach to all areas of the greater Port Angeles region.


The PABA has been involved in many important business decisions and changes in the Port Angeles area and continues to play an important role in business development for the Port Angeles business sector.

PABA continues to offer:

  • Election forums with an opportunity for members to ask questions of candidates.

  • Opportunity to speak up about business issues important to you.

  • Presentations about local programs and issues affecting Clallam County.

  • Advocacy through a strong government affairs committee, producing letters, testimony, and white papers regarding matters of concern or support for our community.

  • Scholarships to the Future Business Leaders of America high school students to further their understanding of civic life and governance.

  • Access to The Washington Policy Center.

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PABA Bylaws

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